To promote the success of Hispanic-owned and small businesses by facilitating business relationships, economic development and sharing of knowledge for the benefit of the State of Arizona and the growth and success of the members of the Chamber.


The AZHCC is the premier advocate for the Arizona Hispanic small business community. We are a valuable and trusted resource to our corporate and strategic partners.


Representing our members and the Hispanic owned small business community based on the highest standards of ethics, integrity and community service.

Serving our members needs by empowering them to succeed and prosper in the state, national and global business community.

Providing innovative leadership and establish long lasting relationships in the business community, while remaining fully accountable and committed to the interests of our members.

Valuing our employees and volunteers by abiding by the belief that the success of the AZHCC depends on the success of our members, sponsors and staff and a commitment to achieving excellence by fostering a spirit of teamwork, collaboration caring and mutual respect.

Pillars of Excellence