Member Spotlight

There's no other way to say it: Cathy Garcia is chic.. To be specific, she's a "Cha Cha Chic."

As the founder and President of Cha-Cha Chic and a long-time member of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Garcia lives and breathes the vivacious style, tone and cultura of the clothing and accessories she creates. But along with the emoción y pasión she brings to her business, Garcia's resume is packed with the experience it takes to run a growing company. Her life has included jobs in retail clothing, cosmetics and decorating. 

She's also a gifted artist. If Garcia can imagine it, she can sketch it. After that, it's all about finding the right people who can execute her ideas. It's a formula that so far has helped her build a client base that includes, among many others, the Latin Grammys and the Academy Awards.
Garcia's says her company is named for her Chihuahua, Cha Cha, a fitting tribute given the unbridled energy of her designs. While Cha Cha (the company not the dog) began with a line of T-shirts, it has since evolved to offer a wide range of jewelry and other accessories.

While the company's name came from her Chihuahua, Garcia attributes the inspiration for her startup to her granddaughter. One day after wondering out loud what she would do next in life, her granddaughter said, "Nana, you're creative. Create!"

And that's exactly what Garcia's been doing ever since. Learn more about Cha Cha Chic by visiting or