Latina Business Enterprises (LBE)


The Latina Business Enterprises (LBE) is just one of the program offerings of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the LBE is to empower, inform and promote the interests of Latina owned businesses in Arizona through ongoing training and capacity building initiatives.

The LBE recognizes the important contributions of Latina business owners and provides timely information, resources and networking opportunities to enable Latina owned businesses to prosper. Our quarterly workshops deliver value added training and information on topics of interest that enhance the leadership roles of women in business. 

Power of the Purse: Celebrating Women Doing Business Breakfast 

Arizona’s Women-Owned Business Enterprises are part of a vibrant, ongoing demographic and economic transformation occurring across the Southwest and nationwide. The number of minority-owned businesses in the U.S. totaled about 5.8 million in 2007, reflecting a 46 percent jump over 2002, a growth rate more than three times faster than businesses owned by whites, according to the U.S. Census. Latino-owned business, meanwhile, are estimated to have topped 3.2 million nationwide.


Additional information on these workshops will be posted as they become available. For more information on the LBE Group please contact Natalia Ronceria Ceballos via email or at [602] 279.1800