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Meet Adriana Acedo Campillo

Events Coordinator at Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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Adriana Acedo Campillo

Adriana Acedo Campillo is a proud Mexican and Sonora-Arizona native, having lived, explored, studied, and worked in both sides of the border throughout her life in different fields. She is very dedicated, wholehearted, and passionate about learning from other professionals or others close to her, humanitarianism and wildlife conservation, most especially to supporting local first to create opportunities, culture and deeper-rooted connections with those in our own communities. 

Adriana’s a 2021 Graduate from University of Arizona, graduating with two Bachelors in Film and Television and Theatre Arts. This has provided Adriana the opportunity to make her skills and passion for artistry easily adaptable to different roles and fields, and to gain a deeper understanding of her environment and community’s needs and feelings.  

These interests intertwined naturally on her role as Events Coordinator for your Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce since April 2022. Through the Chamber, Adriana works hard to innovate and use her logistical, creative and organizational expertise to offer current, trailblazing events, information and media to other Hispanics in the community. Adriana also strives to help others tell their own story and achieve their dreams by helping to open doors to new knowledge, creating a space to build networks and to reach economic prosperity for their businesses, projects, philanthropic causes, and more through AZHCC’s small, mid and signature events.