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AZHCC Ambassadors


With the success of the small business community in mind, the Ambassadors group serves as a business development extension of the AZHCC committed to increase new memberships and retention and to serve as goodwill representatives of the chamber at a variety of functions.


It is the mission of the AZHCC Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program to promote member commitment and retention by:
• Raising awareness of Chamber activities and benefits
• Informing and involving new Chamber members to promote strong continuing membership
• Encouraging meaningful and beneficial participation in the Chamber’s programs
• Serving as a liaison between the Chamber staff and membership
• Assist the Chamber in growing the member base

General Function

Ambassadors are dedicated business and civic leaders who undertake responsibilities beyond the scope and interest of their personal business or profession. Ambassador Program participants typically enjoy high visibility and increased number of interactions with Chamber members. Involvement, including attendance at events is highly encouraged and required. Ambassadors are considered the voice of small businesses and extensions of the Chamber.

To Become an Ambassador Contact:

Eric McIntosh: