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Public Policy

The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is the state’s premier advocate for Latino-owned businesses. We advocate in support of economic prosperity statewide by supporting Latino-owned businesses and Hispanic business leaders.

We support elected officials whose public policy stances align with our Chamber’s mission to:

  • Support the growth of new and established Latino-owned businesses.
  • Facilitate international trade, including with our state’s largest trading partner, Mexico.
  • Encouraging job development across the economy with an eye toward inclusive policies that create jobs for state’s burgeoning Latino population.

Among the specific areas of interest that the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce addresses:

  • Hispanic-owned businesses, Latina entrepreneurs, and minority-owned businesses.
  • Hispanic business procurement opportunities, corporate procurement policies, and minority procurement opportunities.
  • Local, state and federal policies impacting Hispanic/minority procurement
  • Diverse hiring practices, workforce development, managerial training, and CEO advancement.
  • K-12 education funding for public, private and charters schools.
  • Hispanics in STEM – K-12, post-secondary education opportunities, corporate employment, entrepreneurial and college scholarship opportunities in STEM.
  • University recruitment, hiring and diverse teaching opportunities, particularly as it relates to business training and degrees.
  • The economic impact on the Latino workers and entrepreneurs of health care resources and public policy.
  • Immigration policy as it pertains to the economic impact of Hispanics in general and Hispanic immigrants in particular, including the effect that family-oriented immigration policies bear on the health and welfare of Hispanic families and entrepreneurs.
  • Criminal justice issues that bear on the economic health and welfare of Hispanic families and entrepreneurs.
  • Diversity in corporate and nonprofit board development as it impacts the economic development of the Latino community.
  • International trade, especially between Arizona and its leading trading partners, such as Mexico.

Local, state and national elections as they impact the economic development of the state’s Latino population and all Arizonans.