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Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (PAC)

The AZHCC PAC was established to support and endorse candidates and issues aligned with our mission, values and strategic direction by providing financial support and more importantly our public endorsement to those who meet our criteria.

PAC Rules of Engagement

  • The AZHCC PAC is non-partisan.
  • The AZHCC PAC Committee will ensure we are in compliance with PAC rules.
  • The PAC is funded by PAC-to-PAC donations, AZHCC members and board members contributions.
  • AZHCC PAC will donate funds to statewide candidates, state legislative races or statewide initiatives relevant to the AZHCC constituency based on important parameters including but not limited to:
  • Candidates and Initiatives that support the AZHCC and its mission;
  • Candidates and Initiatives that are in alignment with our core values including respect for our Latino community, Support Education, Businesses and Economic Opportunity
  • The AZHCC PAC has developed clear process for candidates and initiatives to approach the AZHCC for funding and potential endorsement. That process will include:
    • Initial recommendation from the PAC Committee for donations and potential endorsement of a candidate or initiative will be based on a 100% endorsement of the PAC Committee
    • 80% of the board has to vote and 60% of the board needs to be in favor of the recommendation to approve funding or endorsement
    • Primary races may include meetings and some funding, but no endorsements