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Fatima Soto


Supply Chain Management, Arizona State University 

My name is Fatima Soto. At a young age I was brought to the U.S. by my parents in hopes to receive a better education and way of living. Although I struggled to acclimate to a whole different lifestyle and culture, I was able to push through and follow my education into college. What once seemed as a dream has become possible, thanks to the many blessings and the support of my hard working parents. Not to mention the generosity of those who help others continue their academic career, whether it is through scholarships or academic support. I am thankful for that has helped students like me reach unimaginable goals. I am currently studying at Arizona State University, where I plan to major in Supply Chain Management. My plans for the future include obtaining my degree in order to show the immense gratitude I have for those who have helped me reach my goals. I hope to become a motivation to many children and teens as I follow my academic journey. The impact of this scholarship in my academic journey is immense as without it, following my academic career and going into something that I would enjoy learning of everyday would be very difficult to obtain. Needless to say, I am very grateful and thrilled to reach my goals and inspire those who also want to reach their academic and career goals.