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Meet Kayla Fonseca

Director of Corporate Partnerships at the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


Kayla Fonseca

Kayla Fonseca is a Bay Area native who calls Arizona home. She is the daughter of immigrants, mother of two and a proud wife. A first-generation professional who values public service and uplifting her Latino community. She is an advocate of education for all – having over ten years of experience in Higher Education, mentoring emerging leaders and elevating spaces of diversity and inclusion and Dreamer voices. Kayla holds a Master of Science in Leadership from Grand Canyon University and is passionate about the advancement of minority and small business owners and seeks to provide avenues of success and generational wealth for all. Kayla is also an active member in the faith-based community and leads many projects at her local church. 

As the new Manager of Corporate Partnerships at the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Kayla seeks to enhance the growth and success of the Los Amigos Corporate Partnership Program by meeting the needs and goals of industries looking to connect and serve our Hispanic-owned businesses. Kayla is genuinely passionate about fostering meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners and committed to driving the success of our partnerships to new heights while exploring new opportunities that strengthen alliances between the communities they serve.